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Jihadi forces are becoming very strong in the entire world at present. Jihadi terrorism of ‘Al Queda’ is well known. There is competition between ‘Al Queda’ and ISIS to take the credit of the Jihadi attacks. There is reign of terror of Taliban in Afghanistan and the reign of terror of ‘Boco Haram’ in Nigeria. Pakistan has become a birthplace of terrorist activities. The Jihadis are carrying out attacks around the world.

In this situation it is our responsibility to keep the light burning of the most civilized human culture of this land. It is the duty of every patriotic and nationalist Indian citizen to protect India from anti-national Jihadi forces. So through the medium of this movement of ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) we appeal you to contribute towards the mission of protecting the country from Jihadi forces. Also inform us regarding your contribution towards this mission so that it will become inspiration to fellow patriotic Indians as well.

The various ways in which you can make contribution are mentioned below.

Join Indian Armed forces

The rising power of Islamic state and other militant organisations around the world is increasing day by day. The recent crisis in Yemen could escalate tensions in middle east countries. On other side Pakistan is raising it’s nuclear firearm and challenging Indian forces on the borders every other day.

Overall situation around India is not so good and in the situation of crisis only armed forces can protect our borders and our countrymen.So to protect India from its enemies and Jihadi forces, we appeal all eligible patriotic Indians to join Indian Armed Forces.

To know more on how to join Indian Army click below link.

Join us (A movement by India against Islamic State)

In India there are innumerable supporters of ISIS. We have witnessed many events supporting ISIS activities like Jihadi Youths wearing ISIS T-Shirts, hoisting of ISIS’s flag in Kashmir, youths from India joining ISIS in Iraq, a young engineer from Bangalore running a twitter account of ISIS.

To accept the challenge of Jihadi forces and to avoid probable genocide we the patriotic organizations from different parts of India have come together and decided to form ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) a mass movement to combat terrorism.The main aim of this movement is to bring awareness among the common masses of the danger of Jihadi terrorism and to form a close line of patriots to help the government at different levels.

To participate in the movement by ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) click below link.
Join Us : http://indiaagainstislamicstate.com/?page_id=16

To know more about India against Islamic State (IA-IS) click here 

Take/Provide Self-defence training

Self-defence training essential to fight against Jihadi forces !
strengthening of patriotic Indians is equally necessary along with their unity. If patriotic Indians becomes strong, it will be able to resist effectively the attacks on India.Everyone has a right to protect self.Tomorrow, if someone comes to attack you with a knife, are you going to call up officer and take his permission to defend yourself ? Therefore we urge all patriotic Indians to take self-defence training.

We [‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS)] along with other patriotic organisations are planning to organise free self-defence training classes at various places to teach self-defence techniques such as karate, wield-ing sticks etc.

To take or help in providing self-defence training click here

Contribute in cyber security field

Recently Hackers claiming allegiance to IS managed to black out 11 global TV channels belonging to TV5Monde and take over the company’s social media pages. Therefore we urge patriotic Indians in cyber security field to join hands to prevent such hacking attempts and to help secure cyber space of National importance and of patriotic organisations who are running a movement against Jihadi forces.

To contribute in cyber security field click here

Take fire fighting and First Aid Training

Fire fighting and first aid are very important life saving techniques which
will be helpful in disasters and during situation of national crisis.Various government and social organisations offers such courses at free of costs. Patriotic Indians can join such courses to get trained in these techniques themselves and also can train fellow patriots.

Note : Patriotic Indians who are already trained in Fire Fighting and First Aid and who would like to offer free training to fellow patriots can contact us. We also urge organisations and Institutes who are offering these trainings at free of cost to provide the details regarding time,location and type of training they are providing so that we can inform the same to patriotic Indians.  To contact us click here

Report anti-national and terrorism activities

Join us in the fight against the enemies of the country. Report to NIA (National Investigation Agency) if you observe any anti-national activities/persons or anything suspicious and having a bearing on the security of the nation. Your identity will be kept secret.

The contact details of NIA Headquarters are as below :

NIA Headquarters, New Delhi
6th & 7th Floor, NDCC-II Building,
Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001.

Telephone : 011-23438200,011-23438236.
Control Room : 011-24348235 (Tele-Fax).
E-mail : info.nia@gov.in

The contact details of Branch offices and Nodal officers of NIA across India are available at below link.


Note : You can also report anti-national and terrorism activities around your surroundings to us. We will authenticate from our side and try to create awareness among masses through various available mediums. To report us click here

Join The National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. We urge all patriotic Indian parents to ask their children to join NCC at school or college level and get trained.

To know more about how to join NCC click here

Create awareness

The menace of terror activities by IS and other anti-national elements is increasing day by day. So there is a urgent need to stand against anti-national forces and enemies of India. To achieve this it is required to create awareness among Indians and unite all patriotic Indians who are determined to defeat the ideologies of IS and anti-national elements at every possible level.

The various ways in which you can participate in creating awareness and unite patriotic Indians are listed below.

To participate in any of the below listed activities contact us

Organise public events

Public events are a great way to propagate the message and to create awareness. Any patriotic citizen can attend such meetings and the impact of such meetings is higher. Public event can be organised for number of attendees ranging between 1000 to 50000. If you wish to organise public event then we can help you to organise it. You can also invite expert speakers from ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) organisation to create awareness in effective way.

Note : All help given by‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) is at free of cost.

Organise lectures

Lectures can be organised for targeted audience ranging between 50 to 1000. Lectures will help reach the word to every patriotic citizen. The various ways in which you can arrange lectures are listed below :

  • If you own a company/business/institute then you can arrange lecture for your staff,employees.
  • If you are running a social,spiritual,public, private, profit, non-profit any kind of organisation or if you are a member of
    such an organisation then you can arrange lecture for the members of the organisation.
  • You can also arrange lectures for your community, society members, friends and relatives.
  • If you are a lecturer/professor/principle by profession then you can arrange a lecture for youths in your college/institute.

Note : You can invite expert speakers from ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) organisation to create awareness in effective way at free of cost.

Use of social media

You can publicise the News/Programs/activities carried out by ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) and other fellow patriotic organisations through your social media accounts like facebook,twitter, youtube.

  • To like us on Facebook click here
  • To follow us on Twitter click here
  • To subscribe our youtube channel click here

For writers/columnist

If you are a Writer or columnist on matters of National Security then you can contribute in writing articles about creating awareness on our website. You can also send us your published or unpublished articles. We will try to give publicity to such articles through our website as well as via our social media accounts.

For News Publishers/bloggers

If you own or authorised to publish the material in Newspaper/blogs/website or on a News-portal then you can contribute through publishing articles to create awareness and can also publicise the News/Programs/activities carried out by ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) and other fellow patriotic organisations.

For TV/News Channel and Radio Station

If you own or authorised to distribute content on a TV-News channel/Radio Station/Internet Channel or a Cable TV Channel then you can arrange the programs on creating awareness and you can also invite our spokespersons in your programs and debates to express their views.

For Journalists/TV reporters

If you are a patriotic journalists or a TV reporter then you can cover our programs/news/activities and can help us publish the same in print and electronic media.

Print and Distribute pamphlets

If you own Distribution agency of news papers or any other agency then you can print and distribute the pamphlets among fellow citizens and can help in creating awareness among them. We can help you in designing and creating content for the pamphlets. You can also individually print and distribute the pamphlets among your friends, relatives, community or society.

Use of public display boards

You can write content to create awareness on Public boards in your area and you can also publicise the News/Programs/Activities carried out by ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS).

To participate in any of the above listed activities contact us



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