Islamic State planning mass attack on Britain : head of MI5 warns

Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5

Andrew Parker says current level of threat from homegrown jihadis the highest he has seen in a career spanning 32-years London : Islamic State terrorists are planning mass casualty attacks in Britain the head of MI5 has warned. Andrew Parker, director general of the security agency, said threats from homegrown jihadis who want to fight for the militant movement showed

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Islamic State’s ‘most wanted’ woman arrives in Britain despite huge price on her head

Scourge of the terrorists: Dakhil works to help women kidnapped, raped and tortured by Isis

London : The woman who tops Islamic State’s “most wanted” list has arrived in Britain to publicise the continuing atrocities against her people in Iraq. Vian Dakhil has dedicated her life to rescuing victims of the genocide of the Yazidi minority carried out by the Islamic State. She has survived a helicopter crash and the price on her head rises

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ISIS hacks email accounts of top UK ministers


London : British intelligence has uncovered a sophisticated espionage operation of the Islamic State in which jihadists targeted email accounts of top ministers, including the Home Secretary, according to a media report. An investigation by Government Communications Headquarters has discovered that extremists linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have been targeting information held by some of Prime

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UK police say woman and 4 children may be trying to reach Islamic State group area of Syria


London : British police say a 33-year-old woman and her four children aged 4 to 12 may be trying to reach an Islamic State group-controlled area of Syria. The Metropolitan Police says Zahera Tariq and her children left their London home on Tuesday and flew to Amsterdam. A relative reported the family missing the next day. Commander Richard Walton of Scotland

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ISIS threat to UK hospitals: Terrorists ‘could hijack and pump LETHAL drugs into patients’


London : Doctors have been told to stop using Hospira’s Symbiq blood infusion system because cyber attackers could remotely control it by exploiting poorly-secured public networks. A would-be hacker could then potentially change the dose – pumping deadly levels of drugs directly into sick patients’ bloodstreams. The amounts could also be altered to dangerously low levels meaning the critically ill or

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Is ISIS moving into Europe? Turkish border attack raises fears over spread of terror

Relatives in Suruc are mourning those killed in a suicide bombing - and the US will start airstrikes

Ankara : Turkish forces returned fire on the terrorists in Syria with tank shells today in retaliation, just two days after a suspected suicide bombing by the Islamist radical group in a Turkish border town killed 32 people, many of them students and some Kurds. Turkey’s NATO allies have long expressed concern about control of the 900km (560mi) border with

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Islamic State Is Restricting Internet Access in Its Capital City


Raqqa : The self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) has severely restricted use of the internet in its de-facto capital of Raqqa, requiring that all residents — including those in the militant group’s ranks — access the web from observed internet cafes, according to international monitoring organizations. An IS leaflet photographed and circulated by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the activist

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