ISIS ‘Growing Like Crazy’ Around World: NBC

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September marks the first anniversary of the U.S. war against the Islamic State group (ISIS), but American efforts are showing little success, NBC News reported on Sunday. Turkey’s recent permission for airstrikes and drone missions to be based there was “a huge tactical gain,” NBC’s Richard Engel reported on “Meet the Press,” but added, “ISIS doesn’t seem to be shrinking.”

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Islamic State works to establish functioning, legitimate government as territory grows

paving the way: The Islamic State is building up infrastructure across territory its militants have captured in Iraq and Syria. Analysts say the group will become more entrenched among local populations if its governance goes unchallenged.

Washington : They’re known for the grisly, videotaped mass beheadings of Christians and other enemies, but the jihadis running the Islamic State are doing far more than that. They collect millions of dollars a day through oil sales, taxes and extortion. They pave roads, set up medical clinics, pick up trash, operate power stations and offer social welfare programs. In

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Islamic State leader delegates his powers in case he is killed

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Washington : The Islamic State’s reclusive leader has empowered his inner circle of deputies as well as regional commanders in Syria and Iraq with wide-ranging authority, a plan to ensure that if he or other top figures are killed, the organization will quickly adapt and continue fighting, U.S. and Iraqi intelligence officials say. The officials say the leader, Abu Bakr

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Afghan spy agency says third Islamic State commander killed in drone strike


Kabul : The Afghan intelligence agency on Thursday said a third top Islamic State commander in Afghanistan was killed in a U.S. drone strike in the country’s east this week. Shahidullah Shahid, a former member of the Pakistani Taliban who defected to the Islamic State and was operating in Afghanistan, was killed along with five militants on Tuesday, an official said.

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