Turkish, US Air Strikes Kill More Than 50 Islamic State Militants in Syria: Report


Istanbul : Air strikes by Turkish and US aircraft in Syria on Saturday killed more than 50 Islamic State militants and wounded around 30, state-run Anadolu Agency quoted security sources as saying on Sunday. A senior government official told Reuters on Saturday that Turkish jets had bombed Islamic State targets in Syria, as before Turks prepared to vote in Sunday’s

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Turkey Charges Three VICE News Reporters With Islamic State Ties


Diyarbakir (Turkey) : A Turkish court has formally charged three VICE News reporters with abetting Islamic State, a claim denied by the media network as “alarmingly false.” British journalists Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury were detained with a Turkish colleague while filming in Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey’s Kurdish-dominated southeast on Thursday. The court in Diyarbakir on Monday arraigned

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Islamic State seizes new territory from Syrian rebels near Turkish border


Syria : Islamic State (IS) has seized new territory from rebels in northern Syria, advancing in an area where Turkey and the United States are planning to open a new front against the militant group. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group tracking the war, said IS seized five villages, including two near the Turkish border, from Syrian insurgents.

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Islamic State calls on its followers to conquer Istanbul


Turkey : Islamic State (IS) published a video calling Turkish people to rebel and fight against the rule of “infidel and traitor” President Tayyip Erdogan and help conquer Istanbul, Site monitoring service said on 18 August. Speaking in Turkish, an IS militant accused Erdogan of “selling the country to crusaders and the atheist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)” and has allowed

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Is ISIS moving into Europe? Turkish border attack raises fears over spread of terror

Relatives in Suruc are mourning those killed in a suicide bombing - and the US will start airstrikes

Ankara : Turkish forces returned fire on the terrorists in Syria with tank shells today in retaliation, just two days after a suspected suicide bombing by the Islamist radical group in a Turkish border town killed 32 people, many of them students and some Kurds. Turkey’s NATO allies have long expressed concern about control of the 900km (560mi) border with

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