Terrorists Invent New Sick Way to Execute Prisoners in Latest Purported Islamic State Video

Islamic State fighters bury the explosives before the captives arrive to the execution scene. For propaganda, they make sure to hold up their black flag. (Screenshot: Islamic State video)

Afghanistan : The Islamic State group released a video Monday showing the brutal execution of Afghan tribesman by detonating explosives they had positioned earlier underground. In the video, the men, wearing traditional tribal clothes and with blindfolds around their heads are made to kneel in front of machine gun-toting jihadists clothed fully in black. The killers take a sick class photo

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Hamas markets itself as moderate alternative to Islamic State terrorist group

A Hamas painting in Gaza

As Islamic State (IS) fighters move towards Gaza territory, fellow Islamist group Hamas is attempting to distance itself by marketing itself as a moderate alternative. Gaza : Last week, Islamic State fighters in Syria released a video labelling Hamas as an “enemy”. It is their latest attempt to cause unrest in Gaza, secure supporters and provoke the government into another

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Islamic State Russia : Caucasus terrorists pledge allegiance to ISIS


Caucasus : While the world concentrates on Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) inches closer to Russia’s North Caucasus region. Militants in Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Kabardino-Balkaria declared allegiance to the terrorist group. The group posted the announcement on YouTube: “Obeying the order of Allah… we are declaring our allegiance to Caliph Ibrahim ben Awwad ben Ibrahim al Badri

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ISIS on aggressive recruitment drive with Malay reading materials

Shia fighters launching a mortar round towards Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (Isis) militants on the outskirt of Bayji. Isis militants are actively recruiting youths from Malaysia and Indonesia by highlighting their exploits in websites in Bahasa Melayu and Indonesia. Photo: Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR : The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) terrorist group is in an “aggressive mode” in reaching out to the Malay-speaking communities by making reading materials in Bahasa Malaysia more accessible online. It aims to spread its propaganda through a series of more “localised news reports” and “articles” that glorify ISIS fighters, especially those from Malaysia and

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