IS declaring open war on Taliban in Afghanistan is a game changer for world diplomacy


Kabul : Reuters reported an important exclusive story on Monday saying that Afghanistan fighters loyal to Islamic State have seized substantial territory in Afghanistan for the first time and wrested areas in the east from rival Taliban insurgents. The story can be read here. The development should evoke a mixed bag of delight and concern among the global strategic community

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South Asia needs to do more to counter Islamic State: Think tank

Nikita Malik

Quilliam, one of the world’s leading counter-terrorism think tanks, warns that members of terrorist groups in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are being drawn towards Islamic State. LONDON: One of the world’s leading counter-terrorism think tanks says governments in South Asia need to do more to tackle the growing threat of radicalisation by Islamic State (IS). Quilliam, based

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Taliban, Islamic State joined forces against Afghan government: UN ambassador

Afghan security forces gather at the site of an attack by Taliban fighters outside the parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, June 22, 2015. A Taliban suicide bomber struck the entrance to the Afghan parliament, and gunmen tried to storm the heavily guarded compound, setting off a gunbattle with police that left a few people dead. (AP Photo)

Afghan forces have been stretched, tested, and faced operational challenges since taking on full security responsibilities following an end to the US and NATO combat mission. A new offensive against the Afghan government and people is being compounded by “an unprecedented convergence” of Taliban insurgents, more than 7,000 foreign fighters, and violent groups including the Islamic State, Afghanistan’s UN ambassador

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Indian airports on high alert after security services warn ISIS AND the Taliban are plotting to hijack flights in the region

Two Air India planes manoeuvre on the tarmac during heavy rains. The carrier received an anonymous phone call claiming it was being targeted by terrorists.

India’s airports increase security measures following hijacking threat Anonymous phone call said an Air India flight would be targeted Indira Gandhi International airport has increased its security systems There will be soldier patrols and additional sky marshalls aboard flights India’s Indira Gandhi International airport is on high alert after a terrorist threat claimed flights from Delhi to Afghanistan are being

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