Libya: Al-Qaeda militants declare war on ISIS after their leader shot dead by gunmen


The ensuing clashes killed at least nine IS militants and two from the Shura Council, including Salem Derbi, the commander of the so-called Abu Salem Brigade, which has history of enmity with IS. Libya: Al-Qaeda-linked militants in eastern Libya declared a holy war on a local Islamic State affiliate Wednesday after one of their senior leaders was shot dead by

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Isis in Libya: 86 Eritrean refugees kidnapped by Islamic State outside Tripoli


Libya : The Islamic State (Isis) has kidnapped 86 Eritrean refugees in Libya, according to a Swedish-Eritrean activist. Meron Estefanos, human rights activist and co-founder of the International Commission on Eritrean Refugees in Stockholm, told IBTimes UK that the Eritrean refugees, including 12 women and children, were abducted two days ago (3 June) as they were travelling to Tripoli. Most

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Isis in Libya: Islamic State militants kill two Eritrean migrants


Libya : Islamic State militants in Libya have killed two Eritrean migrants after stopping a truck carrying 75 Africans of different nationalities. The extremist group shot the migrants after holding them at an intersection 5km from their stronghold of Nawfliyah. Military sources quoted by Libyan news website Bowabat Al Wasat said the pair were killed “in cold blood”. At least

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