Kurdish authorities arrest 1700 Islamic State militants among displaced civilians

Iraq arrest 1700 Islamic State militants among displaced civilians

Erbil : Kurdish security services have arrested around 1700 Islamic State militants among the displaced civilians at refugee camps, according to Karim Sinjari, Interior Minister of the Kurdistan region. During a meeting on Sunday with a Kuwaiti media delegation in Erbil, Sinjari said, “despite the liberation of Mosul, the war against IS will last for long due to presence of

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Islamic State destroys 100 religious shrines in Nineveh Plain

slamic State destroys 100 religious shrines in Nineveh Plain

Nineveh : Representative of Sunni Endowment Diwan in Kurdistan announced on Monday, that the self-proclaimed Islamic State group destroyed nearly 100 religious places, including churches and Yazidi shrines in Nineveh Plain. Meriwan al-Naqshabandi, Representative of Sunni Endowment Diwan in Kurdistan, said in a statement, “The Islamic State group destroyed and destructed nearly 100 religious shrines, since imposing its control on

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Kurdistan seeks India’s help in fight against Islamic State


New Delhi : The government in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region has sought India’s security-related assistance in the fight against the Islamic State as well as humanitarian aid for thousands who have taken refuge there after fleeing from IS-controlled territories in Iraq and Syria. The request from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) comes ahead of the ongoing Iraq trip of MJ

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European terror-recruiting cell linked to Islamic State is broken up


Rome : European law enforcement authorities announced Thursday they had broken up a Norway-based Iraqi Kurdish recruitment ring that radicalized prospects via the Internet and sent them to fight in Iraq and Syria alongside the Islamic State group. Thirteen people were arrested in Italy, Britain and Norway. Italian Carabinieri Gen. Giuseppe Governale called it “the most important police operation in

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Isis ‘Mercifully Kills’ 15 of its Own Bedridden Fighters in Mosul


Mosul (Iraq) : The Islamic State (Isis) terror group has ‘mercifully killed’ 15 of its own handicapped, bedridden fighters in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Kurdish officials have claimed that the terrorist organisation executed its own men as the outfit was finding it difficult to take care to them. According to a report in Iraqinews.com, the fighters were killed in

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