ISIS barbarians plumb new depths of depravity with horrific video showing a ‘spy’ having his hand and foot chopped off while tied to a cross

Islamic State militants have ratcheted up their savagery with a horrific video showing an executioner hacking off a prisoner's hand and foot while he is tied to a cross

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Knife-wielding jihadist seen slicing off man’s limbs as he hangs from stake Four-minute video includes interview with victim, whom ISIS claim is a spy Slicky-edited film has all the hallmarks of official release from terror group Expert believes video is first in series in which four more ‘spies’ will be killed Islamic State militants have ratcheted up their savagery with

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How Islamic State is luring young Australians from Turkish guesthouse

Mohamed Elomar ... luring young Aussies into Islamic State.

Melbourne : TERROR recruiting networks — including one with homegrown extremist Mohammed Elomar at its head — are targeting troubled Australian youths with offers of cash and “paradise”. One operation linked to ­Elomar is offering to smuggle would-be Australian jihadists into Islamic State strongholds via a shady hotel in the eastern Turkish city of Mus. It is understood extremists mixing

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