Popular Front of India & Islamic state (ISIS) : Join To Turn India Into Islamic Nation

PFI youth in Kerala misled by ISIS to wage 'jihad' against India

Thiruvananthapuram : The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a charge sheet, linking some of the members of the controversial Muslim rights group the Popular Front of India (PFI) with the so-called Islamic caliphate, despite the Kerala government’s apparent refusal to admit to the connection.

Startling documents accessed by Times Now expose for the first time the very tangible link between members of the PFI and the dreaded terror group, the Islamic State or the ISIS.

The Left government in Kerala has repeatedly dismissed charges against the PFI regarding their involvement in propagating hate in the state.

Times Now has accessed Kerala police FIR that reveals how the PFI-linked youth have been indoctrinated and misled by the ISIS to wage a ‘jihad’ or war against India.

Reportedly, as part of its diabolical plot, the ISIS, with the help of the misled PFI youth, plans to launch terror attacks across South India.

Meanwhile, the top PFI leadership has denied all the allegations, calling it a conspiracy to malign the organisation.

PFI President Abdullah Sait said, “Our critics just want to create an environment where they can disband our organisation.”

On the other hand, reacting on the development, Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office, said that investigations were on and he was confident that the law of the land will prevail.

As the Kerala police have gone on record on this case, and the link between the PFI and the ISIS is in black and white, it remains to be seen how long the Left government in the state continue to deny these facts.

Source : Times Now


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