Moroccan police break up Islamic State cell planning attacks : Ministry

Moroccan police break up Islamic State cell planning attacks

Rabat (Reuters) : Moroccan authorities said on Saturday they had dismantled a cell linked to Islamic State that was active in eight towns and cities and was planning terrorist operations.

Eleven people were arrested.

Security forces detained the alleged mastermind of the cell in a safe house in Fez, where they found guns and a large quantity of bullets, materials for making suicide belts, nails and electric wires, according to a statement from the interior ministry.

Police also found chemical products that could be used for making explosives, and a “suspicious car”, the statement said. It said one of the suspects was an explosives expert.

Those arrested were “planning to carry out dangerous terrorist operations targeting sensitive sites, at the instigation of Daesh (Islamic State) coordinators”, it said.

Moroccan authorities say they have dismantled dozens of jihadist cells since 2002, including about 50 with alleged links to Islamic State.

Source : Reuters


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