‘Kafir’ British Imam Bludgeoned To Death By Islamic State Supporting Muslims

‘Kafir’ British Imam Bludgeoned To Death By Islamic State Supporting Muslims

London : A former British Imam was beaten to death with a hammer because two Islamic State sympathising Muslim men harboured a “hatred and intolerance” of his form of Islam, a court has heard.

One wrote on Facebook that the “Kafir” must be “paralys[ed]” in a “systematic way”.

When Jalal Uddin, 71, was killed in Feburary of this year, there were calls for “emergency security precautions” for the local Muslim community, apparently fearing “islamophobic” attacks from white racists.

The Times newspaper was also criticised by Manchester Police and local MP for referring to Rochdale as a “sex grooming town” in their coverage of the murder.

However, the alleged killers went on trial this week, and it was claimed they has killed Mr. Uddin because he practised an Islamic form of “black magic” that is considered heretical by some Muslims, the Guardian reports.

Mohammed Hussain Syeedy, 22, and Mohammed Abdul Kadir, 24, were supporters of Islamic State (IS) terrorists who developed a bloodthirsty hatred of the “quiet, dignified and well-respected” elderly man because he practised a form of Islamic healing called ruqya, the court heard.

The killers stole items off Mr. Uddin at a local mosque and Mr. Kadir and others discussed killing him on Facebook.

“Exposing their Kufir [disbeliever] isn’t sufficient as there are tooo many of them soo we may do what ever to paralyse them in sha Allah starting from the ring leader we know”, Mr. Kadir wrote on the social media site.

“Soo please do made dua [prayers] that this happens and we do it in a systematic way so that we do not get caught”, he added.

Prosecutor, Paul Greaney QC, recounted how the killers “stalked Jalal Uddin around the streets of Rochdale” before launched their savage attack, unleashing “repeated forceful blows” to Mr. Uddin’s head and mouth with a weapon believed to be a hammer, leaving him with severe skull fractures.

Mr. Greaney said the blows to the mouth were particularly significant. “This was … an attack driven by hate and the blow to the mouth was quite possibly the most symbolic of all: ‘You will not say anything of which we disapprove’”, he claimed.

Jurors were told there was “clear and cogent” evidence that Mr. Syeedy and Mr. Kadir supported IS. One of them had travelled to Syria and a huge stash of jihadi propaganda was recovered from their phones.

The trial continues.

Source : Breitbart


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