Islamic State video shows kids executing PKK informants

Islamic State video shows kids executing PKK informants

Baghdad : A new appalling Islamic State video has featured children members of the extremist group executing three Syrian Kurdish groups collaborators in an abandoned funfair in the city of Deir Azzour.

The children, who belong to IS’s so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate”, the oldest of whom appears to be thirteen years old, are shown wearing army-style camouflages. An adult militant is seen guiding them during the execution. While the older kid beheads one victim, the youngest one, who is maximum 3-years-old, shoots another one in the head while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest).

A comment in the video explained that the older “Cub” had a brother who was fighting as part of IS but got killed in battles with PKK more than a year earlier.

An Islamic State-drafted toddler gets a gun before shooting a Syrian accused of collaboration with PKK

The three subjects of the execution, who belong to Syria’s town of Hassaka, were accused by the group of spying for the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which fights against the group in Iraq and Syria.

IS has been infamous for posting videos of heinous executions of civilians and security officers in Iraq and Syria, and also of drafting child soldiers in its battles in Iraq.

Source : Iraqi News


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