Islamic State jihadis claim to have slaughtered thousands during the holy month of Ramadan

ISIS have claimed responsibility for 5,200 deaths and injuries during Ramadan

Twisted terror cult Islamic State have boasted to killing and injuring 5,200 people worldwide during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – including victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

London : The violent jihadists’ weekly magazine, al-Naba, bragged about murdering and maiming thousands of people in “military operations” during the Islamic fasting period.

It included the 49 people mercilessly slaughtered and 53 injured by Omar Mateen at Orlando’s gay club, Pulse.

The numbers have not been independently verified, but include attacks directly orchestrated by ISIS and others the group took credit for.

In an infographic, Daesh lists 14 terror attacks across the world, including in Syria, Iraq, the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

A deadly suicide blast in Iraq on July 3 accounts for at least 292 people.

The deadly death cult also takes credit for the murderous work of Larossi Abdallah, who killed a policeman and his partner in Paris while live streaming the attack on Facebook.

Surprisingly the group does not mention an attack on Turkey’s Istanbul’s Ataturk airport which killed 41 people in June.

A religious breakdown of the casualties shows 1,988 Shiites, 965 Kurds, 580 Syrian Alawites and 285 non-Arab Christians were allegedly killed or injured by ISIS during Ramadan.

ISIS described its ultimate goal as the establishment of a global “caliphate” – a world ruled by an Islamic cleric who is deemed to be the successor to the Prophet Mohammad.

The extremist group is understood to have a worldwide network of supporters.

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