India : Are you ready to fight against Islamic State?


Islamic State formerly known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ) has spread its radical wings from Iraq and Syria to Gaza, Israel, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Bangladesh, India and so on.

Islamic State with strategic planning, proper use of advanced technology and social media has deepened its roots in various countries.

The number of muslim youths joining islamic state across the globe, following the radicalisation, appraising and promoting the cruel brutality of Islamic State through social media is increasing day by day.

Analysing the cruel, brutal tactes, few countries think Islamic State as a terror organisation instead of radical Islamic organisation. In fact, it is wrong to differentiate Islamic State from Islam. The “Caliphate” ideaology belongs to Islam and it is followed by Islamic State. On this basis, as
India is always on radar of Jihadi terrorist organisations, the threat is increased by many times.

India is already among 19 regions on the list of Islamic State targets. To get strengthened against India, Islamic State has already started tying up with anti – India terror groups which increased the intensity of this threat.

IS has vowed to convert India into Khurasan State and published the map of Khurasan as well. The Islamic State jihadist group announced that it has established a province in Khurasan, a historic name for a region that covers Afghanistan, Pakistan, parts of India, and other surrounding countries. The expansion of the ISIS caliphate into Khurasan comes barely four months after al-Qaeda declared the formation of a new branch in the Indian subcontinent. According to experts, the region depicted as part of Khurasan has been a fertile area to encourage people to pick up arms.

In India, a chargesheet is filed against 23 years old Kalyan (town near Mumbai) youth Areeb Majeed for joining Islamic State. He is suspected to have killed 55 people after joining Islamic State. He was also planning to recruit for Islamic State in India.

Another chargesheet is filed against Mehdi Masroor Biswas, youth from Bengaluru, handling pro-Islamic State twitter account.The police have recovered 1.22 lakh twitter messages from his account and also accounts of his 18,000 followers.

Recently, FIR is launched against Saleman, an alleged operative of Islamic State from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

In Hyderabad, four young men who allegedly planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS have been stopped by the city police and being questioned. Top intelligence officials and army commanders have warned that ISIS is being effective in using the internet to target young Indians as potential recruits.

Incidences like repeated waving ISIS flags in Kashmir Valley, Youth sporting ‘ISIS’ T-shirts to sympathise Islamic State, efforts to hamper Hindu pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra indicates dangers lurking within India.

Though Islamic State organisation is banned by Indian Government, the incidences like banned SIMI organisation joining hands with Islamic State or Indian youth operating from India are still going on. The political background of India has always proven muslim appeasement policy. Considering it, one can understand the level of threat that we are going to face in coming future.

Islamic State is now on the way to get equipped with Nuclear Weapons and nuclear bombs. To bring Caliphate rule and kill Kaffirs (non muslims) Islamic State has adopted all physical, psychological tactes on large scale. Recently islamic state have captured vast amount of territory in our border country Afganistan and now they are trying to gain foothold in pakistan occupied kashmir. The danger of Islamic state is virtually knocking at our borders. Indians need to act quicker.

India is already struggling to fight the menace of terrorism due to lack of will of the politicians. Our brave soldiers are dying every now and then due to terrorist attacks from kashmir to Manipur and due to absence of strong policy to tackle terrorism like Israel. The appeasement policy which our politicians are following have created safer grounds for radical outfits. Indian Government has to take more efforts to curb the activities of Islamic State within India and need to make stringent laws to punish the sympathisers and promoters of Islamic State.

As a patriotic Indian it is our responsibility and duty as well to stand against those who have wrong intentions towards our country,citizens and culture. Islamic state has already waged a war against several countries and their track record tells us that they do not fear the Governments, their laws, their army or the police. In such a situation it is the patriotic citizens of those country who stood against Islamic state to save their motherland. One such example is of Kurds who are fighting vigourously against Islamic State to save their people, land and culture.

The biggest need of the hour is to get united to overcome this radical threat. For this very purpose We the patriotic organizations from different parts of India have come together and decided to form ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) a mass movement to create awareness about terrorism. The main aim of this movement is to bring awareness among the common masses of the danger of Jihadi terrorism and to form a close line of patriots to help the government at different levels. We request all like minded patriotic Indians to join us and unite patriotic Indians and like minded organisations to protect our Nation. The various ways in which you can participate in this mission are listed on the website section ‘what you can do’. We request everyone to go through it and participate in whichever ways you can.

In the history India has withstood many shocks of barbarism and Jihadi terror. Let us remember our great warrior kings like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Rani Lakshmibai, Bajirao Peshwa who protected our Nation and Culture. Let us come together and take a pledge to protect our beloved nation and culture.

Together we can and we will do whatevr it takes to save our beloved country ‘India’.

Vande Mataram !!!



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