Increasing threat of Islamic state to India !!

Increasing threat of Islamic state to India

Incidents of attacks on Hindus, secular Muslims and non-Muslims are on rise since last three months in Bangladesh. Terrorists of Islamic state have brutally killed Hindu priests, tailors, secular professors, Christians and foreigners. 8 youth from Bangladesh were arrested on 3rd May 2016 for plotting a terrorist strike in Singapore. It proves that Bangladesh is becoming a safe haven for Islamic State terrorists. It is a worrisome situation for India considering the infiltrators coming to India from Bangladesh.

IS is trying to attract Muslim youth of India by putting up photos of Indian Muslims as poster boys who have joined the terrorist organization. There is no dearth of young Indian Muslims who are trying to join IS.

According to the news article published on 26th April 2016 by Conflict Armament Research, the Islamic state is producing dangerous explosives from the raw material supplied by some Indian companies. Islamic state has indulged in giving online training for making bombs to Indian youth who have joined this terrorist organization.

There is immense possibility of a major Islamic State attack in India in near future due to ready availability of raw material to produce bombs in India, online training by IS to make bombs, radical youth having anti national mentality influenced to become IS terrorist and infiltration from the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

A great need is for the Indian youth to strongly face and stop such terrorists attacks which can be achieved by united efforts and self-defense techniques. Let’s be united under the movement “India against Islamic state” and combat this radical terrorism.

Patriots’ we expect your wholehearted participation in this movement to protect ourselves, society and our beloved India!


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