Five ISIS suspects arrested in Pakistan

Five ISIS suspects arrested in Pakistan

Peshawar : At least five people were arrested for their alleged connection with the Islamic State (ISIS) from Pakistan?s Federally Administered Tribal Areas? (FATA) by law enforcement personnel in a crackdown on Monday.

The Express Tribune quoted sources as saying that one of the suspects, identified as Hanif, had been arrested in a raid at a religious seminary in the Hassan Khel area.

The suspect was shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

According to the sources, the arrested suspect?s activities were suspicious and there were intelligence reports that he had joined ISIS.

Local residents of the region feared that ISIS could establish a foothold in the area which would result in the start of another reign of terror and bloodshed.

An official of the political administration said the crackdown was largely aimed at denying the IS the chance to regroup itself after its top level leadership was eliminated by the Army and police in a joint operation in the Chamkani area of Peshawar a few months back.

Source : Daily News & Analysis


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