The Islamic State jihadist group announced that it has established a province in Khorasan, a historic name for a region that covers Afghanistan, Pakistan, parts of India, and other surrounding countries. Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, identified as an Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, or IS) spokesman, made the announcement in an audiotaped speech posted on jihadi forums. Reportedly, the ISIS spokesman said,

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Indian airports on high alert after security services warn ISIS AND the Taliban are plotting to hijack flights in the region

Two Air India planes manoeuvre on the tarmac during heavy rains. The carrier received an anonymous phone call claiming it was being targeted by terrorists.

India’s airports increase security measures following hijacking threat Anonymous phone call said an Air India flight would be targeted Indira Gandhi International airport has increased its security systems There will be soldier patrols and additional sky marshalls aboard flights India’s Indira Gandhi International airport is on high alert after a terrorist threat claimed flights from Delhi to Afghanistan are being

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India Has Blocked Some Of The World’s Most Popular Websites Because Of A Threat From ISIS


AFP The Indian government has reportedly blocked access to a series of websites because they contained “anti-India” content. Quartz is reporting that popular websites including Vimeo, Pastebin, GitHub, Dailymotion, Weebly, and have all been blocked in India. It’s believed that the Indian government ordered the websites to be blocked after threats against the country purported to be posted by

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