ISIS justifies enslaving, having sex with non-believers : Report

ISIS unleashes terror across Syria and Iraq.

Iraq : The Sunni jihadi organization Islamic State (ISIS) has justified the enslavement of non-Muslim women and children and sexual intercourse with them, not sparing even pre-pubescent girls. This message has been propagated in an ISIS pamphlet titled “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom”, which was distributed to the people of the Iraqi city of Mosul, which

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ISIS behead four children in Iraq after they refuse to convert to Islam !


A British vicar based in Baghdad said Islamic State militants hounded Christians out of their homes and threatened to kill their children if they did not convert to Islam   Barbaric: The children were killed by Islamic State militants (file photo) Barbaric Islamic State militants have beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, according to

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