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Cordial welcome to the patriots of mother India !

Holy land of India is a nation of tolerant and cultured people who are actively engaged in the well being of the world. It is essential to protect this land and the Indians for peace and welfare of the world. We are all working and involved jointly for the same.

India which once gave best human civilization to the universe is today eclipsed by Jihadi terrorist forces. This is most dangerous challenge actually posed before Bharat than Constant firing on Pak-India border by Pak sponsored terrorists, violence in Kashmir by Pak sponsored terrorists, illegal migration of Bangladeshi into India and terrorist attacks through bomb blasts from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Mumbai to Kolkata.

Background of Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) !

Presently the whole world is under the severe threat of ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS). This Jihadi terrorist group is involved in heinous terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria. Now this terrorists want to expand their field of activities than to limit themselves to Iraq and Syria. Therefore it has decided to make its name to ‘Islamic State (IS). As name suggests this militant group is all out to establish ‘Islamic State’ throughout the world. This group is trying to reimplement the rule of ‘Islamic Khalifa’ through out the world which was destroyed once upon a time by Kemal Pasha in Turkey. After establishing strong control over Iraq and Syria these terrorists are now turning their attention towards Turkey. ISIS has already declared India as its next target . (DNA, 2.7. 2014)

ISIS’s challenge to India !

In India there are innumerable supporters of ISIS. We have witnessed following events supporting ISIS activities.

1. Jihadi youths from Ramnathpuram in Tamilnadu welcomed the militant group by wearing ISIS T-shirts. (The Hindu, 4.8.2014)

2. ISIS’s flag was hoisted in Kashmir on 7 October 2014 (Times of India, 17.10.2014)

3. Hundreds of youths from India went to Iraq to join ISIS (India Today, 7.11.2014)

4. A young engineer was arrested for holding Twitter account of ISIS in Bangalore (Times of India, 13.12.2014)

5. ISIS threatened to attack an airport in Mumbai (India Today, 16.1.2015)

All these incidents are very serious. This proves that there are some elements which support and welcome ISIS in India. Today it is in Kashmir, tomorrow it will be Bengal, then Hyderabad. This way ISIS flags will be hoisted in every village and city. These Jihadi terrorists will enter India. They will kill us by declaring us ‘kafirs’.

Dear brothers ! Would you embrace death or accept the challenge of Jihadi?

India against Islamic state !

To avoid this probable genocide we the patriotic organizations from different parts of India have come together and decided to form ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) a mass movement to combat terrorism. The main aim of this movement is to bring awareness among the common masses of the danger of Jihadi terrorism and to form a close line of patriots to help the government at different levels.

Protect India from Jihadi forces !

Jihadi forces are becoming very strong in the entire world at present. Jihadi terrorism of ‘Al Queda’ is well known. There is competition between ‘Al Queda’ and ISIS to take the credit of the Jihadi attack on the newspaper which published a cartoon in France. There is reign of terror of Taliban in Afghanistan and the reign of terror ‘Boca Haram’ in Nigeria. Pakistan has become a birthplace of terrorist activities. There are Jihadi attacks in Australia. In this situation it is our responsibility to keep the light burning of the most civilized human culture of this land. So through the medium of this movement of ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) we have resolved to offer ourselves in the sacrifice of protecting the country. We want your support, contribution and active participation.

Your brother.

Following organizations have offered to extend an active support to our movement to save the country

East & North India West India South India
Hindu Samhati (Bengal) Pratishtha Yuva Mandal (Maharashtra) Sri Ram Sena (Karnatak)
Bhavani Sena (Bengal) Shiv Pratistan Hindustan (Vidharba) Hindu Makkal Katchi (Tamilnadu)
Hindu Yuva Manch (Assam) Govansha Raksha Samati (Mumbai) Shivsena (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)
Tarun Hindu (Jharkhand)  Dharmaveer Sangathan (Karnataka)
Bharat Raksha Manch (Odisha)

Hindu Front For Justice (Uttar Pradesh)




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